Africa 2013

Pilanesburg National Park, South Africa

id-1234 Kudu (young male)

id-1234 Kudu (female)

id-1234 Kudu female

id-1234 Acaicia bush

id-1234 Tree ringed by elephant (either dead or dying now)

id-1234 Plains zebra

id-1234 water bird

id-1234 Spoonbill

id-1234 Waterbuck

id-1234 Jackal

id-1234 Zebra

id-1234 Zebra

id-1234 Guraffe

id-1234 Giraffe

id-1234 Zebra

id-1234 Giraffe

id-1234 Ostrich (male)

id-1234 Hippos and springbok

id-1234 Impala (male - adult, juvenille)

id-1234 Zebra

id-1234 Zebra mare and yearling-ish foal

id-1234 Zebras

id-1234 Zebra mare and foal


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