Africa 2013

id-1234 Zebras

id-1234 (Cape) Buffalo (cow and calf)

id-1234 Buffalo cow

id-1234 Buffalo calf

id-1234 Buffalo cow and calf

id-1234 This bird is trying to get to something inside the stump (like a snake) and is beating its wings to maintain balance as it does

id-1234 Buffalo bull

id-1234 (Blue) Wildebeest (and bird)

id-1234 Wildebeest

id-1234 Giraffe

id-1234 Two aloe plants (pretty flower)

id-1234 Kudu (male)

id-1234 Nyalla (male)

id-1234 Warthogs (mom and babies)

id-1234 Nyalla (female)

id-1234 Nyalla (male)

id-1234 Zebras (mare in front, stallion behind)

id-1234 Kingfisher?

id-1234 Rhino skeleton (sans head) - result of poaching. (It was said that there is a rhino poached every 11 hours in Africa)

id-1234 Hawk

id-1234 (White) Rhinos (mom and week old baby) and birds

id-1234 Rhino (female)

id-1234 Rhino (baby)

id-1234 Rhino mom and baby

id-1234 Rhino mom and baby

id-1234 Sunset

id-1234 Sunset

id-1234 Sunset (banded sun)

id-1234 Cheetah (male, junvenile)

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